Join Us for Vancouver Vegan Prom’s Restaurant Showcase!

Clockwise from top left: Meet on Main, Culver City Salads, Graze, Eternal Abundance, Fairy Cakes, Vtopian Cheese.

Clockwise from top left: Meet on Main, Culver City Salads, Graze, Eternal Abundance, Fairy Cakes, Vtopian Cheese.

Holy smokes, guys! This year’s Vancouver Vegan Prom food extravaganza is off the chart!

We’ve teamed up with some of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Vancouver to create a showcase of the amazing things out there for us to nibble on in our lovely city… and we’ve rounded up a bunch of artisan vegan foodies to give you a chance to stuff yourselves silly with deliciousness. Continue reading

Making a Vegan Mix-Tape!

Musical vegans? Here's André 3000 of OutKast!

Musical vegans? Here’s André 3000 of OutKast!

A few years ago an attempt to make a mix-tape of vegan musicians might have ended up with you listening to hours of Moby. But, while that might leave you feeling pretty chill, it’s good to know that there are plenty of others who use their musical talent to promote a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Many singers, songwriters, record producers and other artists have been vegan for years or have recently adopted a vegan diet and/or totally vegan lifestyle. Some have done this quietly (even while making an immense amount of noise on stage), and others have shouted it from the rooftops (we see you Jay-Z and Beyoncé).

Who’s your favourite vegan singer, songwriter, drummer, bassist, saxophonist, kazoo-player? Want to hear them played at prom?

If so, get your music requests in to our resident Vancouver Vegan Prom DJ, greggmc here before February 27th! Continue reading

Vancouver Vegan Prom 2015 – A Huge Thank You to Our Key Sponsors!



Vancouver Vegan Prom 2015 is going to be bigger and better than ever, and we have some fantastic sponsors to thank for that!

This year we have five key sponsors, some of whom have donated amazing prizes for you to win on prom night, and others who are donating delicious food for you to enjoy at prom. Continue reading

Top Tips for Making Your Vancouver Vegan Prom Masquerade Costume!

Woah! There are just over four weeks until Vancouver Vegan Prom! Tickets are selling fast, so if you haven’t got yours yet, head on over to BrownPaperTickets to guarantee you can get into the best vegan party in town!

For those of you who’ve already snagged yourself a ticket to the masquerade, we thought you might enjoy a few tips for a fantastic costume (which are encouraged, but not required!). Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions! Welcome Vegans, New and Old!

new year resolutionHappy 2015 everybody!

If this the year you’re making the switch to a vegan lifestyle, congratulations!

If you’re already vegan, then here’s to another year where your food choices alone will likely prevent around 200 animals being killed to appease your appetite! (That’s according to some nifty calculations done by Noam Mohr). Continue reading

Incredible Superhero Daiya Song

At Vegan Prom HQ we believe that all Superheroes deserve a theme song as part of their “saving the day” repertoire. Since Daiya swooped in and became our top spot sponsor this year we decided to have one commissioned just for them.  It seems fitting that they should get this incredible song for all the amazing work they do on behalf of us non-dairy eating folks,  I mean seriously, they brought out three more scrumptious food products this week! Continue reading

Songs to soothe the superhero heart

So lets talk hero songs. What gets your heroic heart beating?

I’m not your hero – Tegan and Sara

It’s almost like they knew about prom and wrote a song just for us! Ok ok not really. But this song off Tegan and Sara’s new album is really good. Also appropriate for this post! win/win, really.

Wonderboy – Tenacious D

Wonderboy is the superhero we all want to be…

Holding out for a hero – Bonnie Tyler

The song that sparked the idea for this post! She’s so earnest! So serious! So 80s!

Superhero – Cher Lloyd

I don’t know what it is about Cher Lloyd but I adore her. She’s so cute and UK-rappy.

Heroes – David Bowie

No matter what people think about what David Bowie is doing now, he did some amazing songs throughout his career. This is one of them.

Iron Man – Black Sabbath

Of course this wasn’t originally written about Iron Man the superhero, but now they are permanently linked in my brain. Plus the song is just plain bad-ass.

Superman – REM

Believe it or not this is actually a cover of a 1969 song by a Texas band called the Clique. Michael Stipe didn’t want to cover the song, so instead bassist Mike Mills took over as lead vocalist for this track. I didn’t know if I wanted to include it, but it’s been stuck in my head since last week, so I couldn’t help but share that with you all, promsters. ;)

Don’t forget you can request songs from our DJ even before you get to prom! Go to our Music Request page with all your musical needs. See you tomorrow, promsters!