New Year’s Resolutions! Welcome Vegans, New and Old!

new year resolutionHappy 2015 everybody!

If this the year you’re making the switch to a vegan lifestyle, congratulations!

If you’re already vegan, then here’s to another year where your food choices alone will likely prevent around 200 animals being killed to appease your appetite! (That’s according to some nifty calculations done by Noam Mohr). Continue reading

Incredible Superhero Daiya Song

At Vegan Prom HQ we believe that all Superheroes deserve a theme song as part of their “saving the day” repertoire. Since Daiya swooped in and became our top spot sponsor this year we decided to have one commissioned just for them.  It seems fitting that they should get this incredible song for all the amazing work they do on behalf of us non-dairy eating folks,  I mean seriously, they brought out three more scrumptious food products this week! Continue reading

Songs to soothe the superhero heart

So lets talk hero songs. What gets your heroic heart beating?

I’m not your hero – Tegan and Sara

It’s almost like they knew about prom and wrote a song just for us! Ok ok not really. But this song off Tegan and Sara’s new album is really good. Also appropriate for this post! win/win, really.

Wonderboy – Tenacious D

Wonderboy is the superhero we all want to be…

Holding out for a hero – Bonnie Tyler

The song that sparked the idea for this post! She’s so earnest! So serious! So 80s!

Superhero – Cher Lloyd

I don’t know what it is about Cher Lloyd but I adore her. She’s so cute and UK-rappy.

Heroes – David Bowie

No matter what people think about what David Bowie is doing now, he did some amazing songs throughout his career. This is one of them.

Iron Man – Black Sabbath

Of course this wasn’t originally written about Iron Man the superhero, but now they are permanently linked in my brain. Plus the song is just plain bad-ass.

Superman – REM

Believe it or not this is actually a cover of a 1969 song by a Texas band called the Clique. Michael Stipe didn’t want to cover the song, so instead bassist Mike Mills took over as lead vocalist for this track. I didn’t know if I wanted to include it, but it’s been stuck in my head since last week, so I couldn’t help but share that with you all, promsters. ;)

Don’t forget you can request songs from our DJ even before you get to prom! Go to our Music Request page with all your musical needs. See you tomorrow, promsters!


Powerful Practice Poses!

Hey, Promsters! Did you know that the talented and lovely Jenni Rempel is our photo booth photographer again this year? I’m pretty excited to get some shots taken with my date and the rest of the amazing vegan prom team. If you’re like me though, you freeze up when it’s time to say “Daiya” for the camera. This time I thought I’d do a little research on some possible superhero poses to strike when it’s my turn.

The “They’re Out of Nutritional Yeast!” Pose.

VP13-Silouettes05This one is pretty easy. Simply channel all the anguish and despair you feel when you’ve got everything on your grocery list but the nooch, and all you find when you go to grab some is an empty spot and some dusty yellow powder that won’t even season your spaghetti. Arms up, eyes to the sky, mouth open in rage. For good measure feel free to scream, “Whyyyyyyyyyy?!” Your fellow promsters will understand your pain all too well.

The “Last Vegan Dish at an Omni Potluck” Pose.

VP13-Silouettes04We’ve all been there haven’t we, friends? You brought your favourite snack to a work potluck and you’re the only vegan there. Sure there’ll be a platter of veggies that you can munch on, and there might be some crackers, but yours is the only guaranteed vegan dish, and it’s your favourite, you made it yourself after all! All you have to do for this pose is imagine that there’s only a tiny portion left and a lovely, but misguided, coworker is making moves in its direction. Legs in a sprint position, arms out to knock over any obstacle and run, hungry vegan! Run!

The “Bacon is Not a Valid Argument” Pose


Am I right, friends? “I’d go veggie but bacon is so tasty!” How many times have you heard that one? Maybe you’re at a family dinner, or even just chatting with a cashier at the check-out.  For this pose you’ll need to stick out your arm forcefully, hand up straight. If you can get your hair to do that electric flowy thing as well, all the better!

The “But Where do You Get Your Protein?” Pose

VP13-Silouettes02Do I even need to go into a scenario for this one? Simply pretend It’s the 10th, 50th, or 100th time you’ve been asked this question. Throw your head back and pull some hair like you’ve always wanted to do. You’re safe here.

 The “Daiya is Coming out with Three New Product Lines” Pose


I don’t know about you, promsters, but this is the exact pose I made when I read that Daiya is going to be selling cream cheese, cheese slices and gluten-free pizza. Legs lunged out, both arms pumping in the air in glee. I may have even shouted “Yes, yes, yes!” Go ahead and try it. I bet it’ll feel pretty darn good.

There you go, friends. Practice in front of the mirror in your costume or prom gear and see how naturally they come. If you’ve got any great go-to photo booth poses, feel free to share in the comments!

 ~ Sabrina



A Matter of Tasty Sponsors

Vegan Prom Vancouver is very happy to have worked closely with these two wonderful businesses to bring you an even more spectacular Prom experience!  As part of our Sidekick Stars Sponsor Level Famous Foods and New World Natural Foods are helping us to tantalize Prom goers taste buds.  Here’s a little bit more info on these two Super Companies:

Famous Foods_Logo.inddVancouver has long been famous for its healthy lifestyle, and food has always been a huge part of that. Long before the supermarket, “big box” and natural food chain stores, Famous Foods was already a central fixture on Vancouver’s natural food map.

Famous Foods carries a huge selection of organic products, specialty and bulk products, that include flour, grains, beans, spices, herbs, pasta, snacks also their produce department has a wide range of organic and non-organic selections and most importantly they carry vegan and vegetarian-friendly fare!

NewWorldNaturalFoods2At New World, they create DELICIOUSLY healthy everyday food items that promote the long term health of consumers. New World products mean: no irradiation, no preservatives, no additives, no colorings, no genetically engineered ingredients, and nutritious foods for the health and environmentally conscious consumers.

By sourcing high quality organic and natural ingredients, New World ensures nothing extra needs to be added during processing. Through natural processing methods, New World is able to retain the natural flavors of the selected whole ingredients used in the products. For this reason, the rich flavor of New World products is not dependant on excessive amounts of sugar or salt. In fact, the majority of New World products uses natural sweeteners and is very low in sodium. The result is high quality foods that are free of artificial food coloring, flavoring, stabilizers, synthetic preservatives and genetically modified ingredients.

– Melissa

The Casual Superhero

I don’t know about you, but I’m not so much of a dresser-upper. I tend towards jeans and t-shirts, and when I dress up, I wear my nice jeans. Sometimes, I add a hat. So planning a costume for prom hasn’t really included some of the things my friends are talking about. A diadem? Pfft. Too flashy for me. Shiny fabric? Blinding! Make boots out of duct tape, are you kidding? That sounds like work.

So for the casual superhero like me, what’s there to do?

Well I could always just buy a tshirt with a superhero on it.

Image from I gotta tell you that is pretty awesome. I enjoyed looking through the pages and pages of superhero clothing they have. They have t-shirts for superheroes we all know plus ones I haven’t thought of in ages, including Mighty Mouse and Thundercats. They ALSO have underwear and pajamas. Talk about comfortable style!

 But since I won’t have time to order from them (I’m also a bit of a last minute costume creator) I was toodling around on the internets when I found this blog post about casual superheroes. It makes sense that heroes can wear pretty much whatever they want. I could always find myself some cool goggles and say I’m Anya Corazon.

 Anya Corazon copywrite Marvel Comics

And of course there’s always the fallback of being incognito. Almost every superhero has a civilian alias – maybe I’ll just wear my nice jeans and say it’s my secret identity.

superman copywrite DC comics


Daiya Guest Post

We asked Daiya if they wanted to post anything on our blog. Things are a little busy for them right now, but they did bust out this interesting little post just for us. With a teasing picture even! ~Lisa

We’re sure that all the Vegan Prom attendees are getting excited for Saturday’s night of dancing, music, food and prizes!  The entire Daiya team is also buzzing with excitement at our office in East Vancouver, but sadly we will not be able to attend this year’s Vegan Prom.  We’re all working at maximum capacity in preparation for our biggest show of the year, the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, which takes place this weekend.

You may be wondering why this show should be of interest to you, and we’ll tell you why…

This is the place where we launched the Daiya Shreds back in 2009. This is also the place where we launched the Daiya Wedges in 2012. And this year we are so happy to announce that we will be launching not one, not two, but THREE new product lines. That means there are 10 new Daiya products coming your way soon! All the cheesy details about our new products will be announced this week so be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for announcements.


We hope you will all have a fantastic time at the Vegan Prom this weekend! We’ll be thinking of you!